Kathryn Scott Fitness & Yoga - Love your body and your body will love you
1 x bootcamp session
Price: £6.00
12 x bootcamp sessions
Price: £50.00
1 x class yoga
Price: £8.00
6 x yoga
Price: £40.00
1 x pt
Price: £50.00
10 x block pt
Price: £320.00
yoga pt x 1
Price: £50.00
doubles pt x1
Price: £50.00
doubles x10
Price: £420.00

Individual 1 Hour Sessions £50 per hour
This must be paid when booking the session

Book 10 sessions £320 save £180
If Booking blocks you will need to pay when booking the session.

I do not not give refunds but I am happy to re book.
If you buy a block and want to cancel and havent used the block the sessions will be taken as single sessions from the block payment.
Block prices only apply if you use the full block.


Two people per session £60 per hour
Book 10 Session for £420 save £180

Yoga Sessions

One to one yoga class £50 per hour

Block of ten £320 (save £180 )

Small groups
Prices on request
Cancellation policy

Clients will be obligated to cancel at least 24 hours in advance of their session.
 I do understand things happen and generally I can waiver this if a one off.
I do not issue  refunds but I am happy to reschedule to fit in session.

Terms and Conditions...

You must be over 16 years old.
In some instances, I may ask for written documentation that you are able to exercise from your doctor.
For every session -
Do not drink alcohol
Do not eat a heavy meal 2-3 hours prior to the session
Always tell the trainer if you have an prior to an exercise session and/or the free consultation or if at any time you feel any pain or discomfort you must stop exercising.
Ensure adequate hydration prior to, during and after exercising
A physical activity readiness questionnaire ( PAR-Q) will have to be completed to ensure you are able to embark on a fitness programme and in the free consultation
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